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aBoo - Question & Answer


The best Question & Answer app!Ask anything for anyone.
The aBoo application is designed for users exchange information in the form of questions and answers.In the application users can ask questions or answer by selecting the desired categories such as Politics, Cars, Pets and other categories.
Users are free to ask and answer, earning points for each answer marked as (Best answer)
There is also a ranking with the best scores of users.
In aBoo you can ask questions or answer in Anonymous mode.
Get notified every time you get an answer to your questions.
Check out some features of Aboo- Several avatars to select in your account- Edit your profile, name and image on- View the profile of other users- See questions asked and answered from other users- Recent questions all day- Various categories for questions or answer- Get notifications when your question is answered- Unlimited daily questions- Users can select the best answer to your questions- General Ranking points for users- Two languages ​​available- Options report questionsAnd much more....
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